Free Online Courses from Heartlight Ministries

At Heartlight Ministries, we are passionate about guiding kids and parents through the turbulent teenage years. We’ve created these free online courses as a way to offer effective and practical ways for parents to counter the influence today’s culture is having on their child.

Take the Tough Guys and Drama Queens Online Course

Tough Guys and Drama Queens is a completely free two-week online course that will teach you how to parent your teen in a counter-cultural way. Throughout the course, Mark Gregston will give you a look into why traditional parenting techniques aren’t as effective as they used to be, the pressures they face in today’s culture, and how to build a stronger relationship with your teen throughout the tricky experiences they’ll have during these years. Join us as we walk through topics like appearance, performance, authority and respect, setting boundaries, and many more.

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Take the Bridging the Gap With Your Teen Online Course

Bridging the Gap With Your Teen: Getting the Relationship You Really Want is a free four-session online course with Mark Gregston that relays a wealth of wisdom and insight into what teens need and how to bridge the gap between parents and their kids. The course is delivered by email. Each lesson features a 10-15 minute video, an outline of its main points, and questions to think about or discuss with others. Help move your child from adolescence to maturity by nurturing a strong, healthy relationship with them. Let Mark Gregston help you to bridge the gap with your teen today!

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Take the 5 Ways to Stay Engaged with Your Teen Online Course

Don’t let your teen drift. As your child experiences his or her teen years, you will find a tendency for your relationship to be strained and disconnected, especially if you don’t adjust your parenting techniques to meet their needs. In the free online course 5 Ways to Stay Engaged with Your Teen, you will learn how to stay engaged and active in training your teen to maturity and guiding them through their most difficult years of development.

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Take the Leaving a Legacy of Hope Online Course

In a negative, fast-paced, overwhelming world, your grandchildren need all the support, encouragement, wisdom, and hope that your years of experience can offer. Learn how to adjust your grandparenting techniques to get the most out of your relationship.

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