Get the Relationship That You Really Want with Your Teen

With a free online course from Mark Gregston and Heartlight Ministries

The teen years are among the most difficult times in life to navigate—for both teens and parents. But like so many things in life, if we work hard and invest our effort, we can see a rewarding payoff that can last a lifetime.

Having worked with troubled teens for more than 40 years, Mark Gregston has acquired a wealth of wisdom and insight into what teens need and how to bridge the gap between parents and their kids. He shares it in a new online course that covers:

  • Learning how to communicate effectively
  • Developing rules and consequences
  • Shifting your parenting style
  • And establishing a strong relationship

This online course is called Bridging the Gap with Your Teen and it is completely free to you, as a ministry outreach from Heartlight.

This four-week online course is delivered by email, one lesson per week. Each lesson features a 10-15 minute video, an outline of its main points, and questions to think about or discuss with others.

Help move your child from adolescence to maturity by nurturing a strong, healthy relationship with them. Let Mark Gregston help you to bridge the gap with your teen today!

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