Don’t Let Your Teen Drift Away

Stay connected with a free online course from Mark Gregston and Heartlight Ministries.

As your child experiences his or her teen years, you will find a tendency for your relationship to be strained and disconnected, especially if you don’t adjust your parenting techniques to meet their needs.

Mark Gregston has lived and worked with thousands of teens for more than 40 years, giving him unique insight and expertise in what teens need and how parents can adapt to stay connected. He shares that wisdom in a brand-new online course called 5 Ways to Stay Engaged with Your Teen.

Specifically, the course examines the areas of

  • Your relationship
  • Your home
  • Your communication
  • Your experiences
  • Your message

and offers realistic, practical advice for you to implement immediately.

The FREE five-week online course is delivered by email, one lesson per week. Each lesson features a short video, an outline of its main points, and questions to think about or discuss with other parents.

Don’t let your teen drift. Stay engaged and active in training them to maturity and guiding them through their most difficult years of development.

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